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We have a fresh new look to help us promote West Allis as a destination. Introducing a contemporary logo that shows appreciation for our city’s history and a vibrant color palette that exudes energy and positivity, the residents of West Allis can express our pride for our community through city collateral and branded swag such as clothing, coffee mugs, and more.


See West Allis in Motion

From local businesses to residents, we’re a connected community ready to make great things happen!

Color Palette

Complementary colors to complement our community

Our new primary color – an energetic orange – stimulates happiness and creativity. Its complement is a timeless grey that communicates the strength of the West Allis community while turquoise and cream add versatility and a touch of personality.

Providing a strong visual link to our brand identity, the colors outlined here serve as our brand colors for print, digital, and outdoor applications.


Stand Tall, West Allis

Two distinct typefaces represent the West Allis brand. The headline type, Acumin Pro Condensed, is bold and stands tall. It’s meant to be noticed, and represents the confidence of West Allis.

The body type is Mr Eaves – a Sans Serif font that pairs well with the headline while providing great contrast. Versatile and highly legible, it works well in multiple sizes for both print and web.

The City of
West Allis Logo

Over 100 Years in the Making

The West Allis logo has been redesigned to better express our city’s personality and bright future. The open circle represents opportunity and the loud and proud type of “West Allis” tells the world that we’re proud to say we live here. The scripted font feels genuine and sincere with a hint of nostalgia.


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