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Hours, Vendors, & Operational FAQs

Parking Around the Market FAQs

Where is the market located?

The West Allis Farmers Market is located at 6501 W. National Avenue in West Allis, Wisconsin.


When is the market open?

The West Allis Farmers Market is open from the first Saturday in May through the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Hours are:

Tuesday & Thursday – 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Saturday – 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm

The market is closed on Thursday, Nov. 24 for Thanksgiving.


What do all vendors sell at the market?

A variety of local farmers and food vendors are at the market offering produce, herbs, fresh flowers, seasonal plants, fresh meats and eggs, cheeses, and honey. Prepared foods such as baked goods, pickles and preserves, and more are also sold at the market.


How can I know what vendors are coming each week, and what they will bring?

That’s the fun of visiting a farmer’s market! We don’t know what our vendors will bring to the market and we invite you to come explore. Check out this guideline to the seasonal availability of Wisconsin fruits and vegetables to give you an idea of when your favorite items may be available. You can also subscribe to receive notifications of market news and events and follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts.


Are all Farmers Market products certified organic?

No. Different vendors choose different production methods. Talk to the vendors to learn more about their products.


What is the SNAP program?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as FoodShare, is in place at the Farmers Market.

The Market’s goal is to increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables for low income families and to provide an additional value-added revenue source for our vendors.

Persons eligible for FoodShare benefits are able to purchase tokens with their benefits card at the Market and utilize the Market to purchase fresh items that are nutritious for them and their families. Learn more about the SNAP program.


What is the Milwaukee Market Match program?

We are a proud partner of the Milwaukee Market Match program! When you use your QUEST card at the market, you will receive tokens and additional coupons for free produce up to $20 per person per market. Milwaukee Market Match coupons expire on November 26, 2022. The last date our market will be open is November 26, 2022. Visit our market office to learn more, or visit for a list of participating markets. Milwaukee.


Can I bring my dog?

Starting in 2022, the West Allis Farmers Market will welcome well-behaved dogs to join in the market fun! It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure dogs are non-aggressive, on a leash and under control at all times. Dogs (just like humans) are required to use the appropriate restroom facilities – with several grass areas located surrounding the market areas – and their owner/guardian is required to clean up after them. Dogs and owners not following these requirements may be asked to leave at the discretion of the Farmers Market Attendant.


Where can I find parking?

In addition to street parking, a parking lot is available at the market off of 66th & Lapham St.


Are there elderly or older adult transportation services?

Milwaukee County Aging and Disability Services is happy to offer an accessible transportation service, Older Adult Transportation Services (OATS), to eligible Milwaukee County residents aged 60 years and older. Accessible transit vans provide rides to a variety of destinations around Milwaukee County including grocery stores and farmers markets!

OATS is only available on weekdays, and therefore can only service rides to farmers markets that place on weekdays. Riders need to be enrolled to use this service and can do so by calling (see more info on the OATS Service Guide PDF).

Questions? Please contact Alena DeGrado at or 414-639-4030.


Who runs the market?

The City of West Allis Department of Communications is responsible for overseeing the operations of the market. The grounds are owned by the City and maintained by the City’s Department of Public Works. Our Tourism & Event Coordinator serves as the point person for the market and market vendors.


I am interested in hosting a public event at the Farmer’s Market. Who should I contact?

Contact Tourism & Event Coordinator Chelsea Famularo here.


Do vendors accept credit cards, or is the Market cash only?

Vendors determine what payment types they choose to accept, but generally, cash is preferred. An ATM is available on-site for your convenience.


Any other insider tips I need to know?

Talk to the vendors and other shoppers. If you see a vegetable you’ve never tried, don’t be afraid to ask the vendor or the shopper next to you for tips on storing or preparing it.

Come often – the selection at the Market is different each day!

Come early – vendors are not required to stay until close of the Market. Some may leave early if they sell out of items or choose to close their booths earlier in the day.

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Where can I find a map of available parking?

This is our latest map (PDF) showing available parking. Of course, the City-owned lot of the West Allis Farmers Market has 68 stalls, and the City of Faith Church at 6420 W. Mitchell St. has approximately 50 parking stalls. This lot is only a block and a half from the market, that is a convenient walk and sidewalk accessible. The public cannot use the Church lot for market purposes, however, on Sunday mornings, but this should not impede the normal market hours.

There is a school district parking lot available through Horace Mann Elementary School at 6213 W. Lapham St., one block away from the market, with 49 stalls which can be used during non-school hours.

Where do you recommend I park?

We recommend you check out our lot with access off of 65th street, at 6501 W. National Ave., the church parking lot at 6420 W. Mitchell St., and the school parking lot at 6213 W. Lapham St., in addition to available street parking.

Why is there less parking near the West Allis Farmers Market this season?

Our temporary situation is actually a sign of exciting new business development for the City! The following areas will be closed for construction now through mid-summer. The gravel parking area (what is new SoNa development) will not have any available stalls. Street parking and some sidewalk access along W. National Ave. will be closed. S. 65 St. from W. National Ave. to W. Greenfield Ave. Will also be closed for construction.

However, the perception of parking availability is different than the reality. You may think there isn’t a lot of parking available, but we’ve found that visitors of course frequent the market at peak periods or during special events when many others are coming from all over Milwaukee, the state, and the region. We have a plan to easily guide you to available parking in our lot, nearby lots, and on nearby streets. In total, there are 184 dedicated parking lot spots for the public to take advantage of among available lots.

Once the adjacent development is complete in 2023 there will be some shared parking stalls within the SoNa development itself, allowing for Farmers Market patrons to use them when available. Long-term, as the properties to the west of the SoNa site get developed the City plans for even more shared parking, up to 160 additional parking stalls to be shared amongst the future users. Once these areas are developed there will actually be more paved off-street parking stalls available for Farmers Market parking than exist today.


What is the construction happening by the Farmers Market?

The SoNa Lofts portion of the project will include the construction of approximately 110 market-rate apartment units and approximately 5,177 square feet of retail space in one three-story building.

The Makers Row portion of the development which will take place along S. 66 St. will include 2 buildings anchored by Valentine Coffee’s new headquarters at the corner of S. 66 St. and W. National Ave. Three more businesses – Heaven’s Table BBQ, Dairyland and Lola’s Empanadas – have been added to the list of tenants that’ll set up shop at Makers Row, a food and beverage-based development being built in the Six Points neighborhood in West Allis.

What areas will be closed?

S. 66th street from National Ave. to W. Mitchell street will be closed (more details on the project provided in another FAQ below.) Also, the sidewalk will be closed along W. National Avenue from the railroad tracks to S. 66 St. Lastly, a section nearby the Farmers Market, S. 65 St. from W. Greenfield Ave. to W. National Ave., will be closed this summer.


Why will S. 66th St. be closed?

S. 66th Street is to be closed for a street infrastructure project from late March – late July. S. 66 St. will be closed from W. National Ave. to W. Mitchell St. The City will be reconstructing a very old road and all the utilities underneath it in partnership with Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) and the EPA’s Greening America’s Communities program.

The concrete pavement itself was originally installed in 1926 and is still in service 96 years later with a thin asphalt layer on top which was laid in 1974 (48 years ago). The existing water main and sanitary sewer date to 1913, so they are both 109 years old and will be re-laid.

The public portion of the lead water services will be replaced towards the adjacent homes and work done to reduce any pollution entering the City’s rivers. There will be several new bump outs designed to calm traffic speeds along this route. The bump outs will also enhance the safety of the large number of pedestrians crossing from the Farmer’s Market to the new parking lots at the Mandel site. The street will also have sharrows installed to enhance the safety of bicyclists traveling along 66th Street.

Is parking available on National Ave.?

You may see some street parking disruptions in this area, given construction on nearby projects. While not directly on National Ave., please be aware a section nearby the Farmers Market, S. 65 St. from W. Greenfield Ave. to W. National Ave., will be closed this summer.


When will construction be completed?

Construction for the City infrastructure project on 66th street is expected to be completed by mid-summer. Construction on the SoNa Site is likely to be completed by near the end of 2023, with various portions of the site opening up prior to that.


Will there be signs?

Yes, we have a plan to distribute as much signage as possible to make it clear to visitors where to go for both parking and easy access to the market.


I have a disabled parking permit. Where can I park?

There are spaces dedicated for disability parking in our primary market parking lot.


What kind of additional parking will there be after construction is finished?

The former gravel parking area (what is new SoNa development) will have parking availability for approximately 25 vehicles for the public once it opens up in 2023, and it will newly be paved with sidewalks. The stalls will be shared with anyone visiting the Makers Row development across from the market. These will simply be stalls with a limited parking time restriction on them.