Go On, Grab a Bublr.

Are you looking for a sustainable way to get around town? Don’t have a bike or just don’t want to transport it to a different city? You can find Bublr Bike stations in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, and West Allis – and believe us, it’s the best way to explore a new area!  

Bublr Bikes is Greater Milwaukee’s nonprofit bike share program that delivers an accessible, convenient, integrated and sustainable bike share system for allLaunched in 2014, this nonprofit organization has grown immensely from the 10 docking stations they began with. There are currently over 80 kiosk stations in the Greater Milwaukee area, and 26 being added this year. 

Bublr Bike Station Photo

The City of West Allis was fortunate enough to bring this bike share program to the City in 2017. Find out more about the road to bike share and making biking more accessible in West Allis on our website 

How Does it Work? 

Find one of the 8 Bublr docking stations in West Allis, swipe your credit/debit card into a kiosk, unlock and rent a bike! You have several rental options to choose from based how long and often you plan on riding your Bublr Bike: 

When you’re done biking around town, find any Bublr kiosk nearby, lock your bike into the docking station, and you’re done. How simple is that?  

Bublr Bike Kiosk Locations in West Allis:  

There are Bublr Bike stations conveniently located between shops, restaurants, bars, parks, trails, and the West Allis Farmers Market, making this an easy way to explore the City! The convenient basket on each Bublr bike can hold up to 30 lbs., allowing you to pack for an adventurous day. Pick up food for picnics and explore our local parks, stop for coffee (link to coffee/tea blog post) and bike down to the West Allis Farmers Market, or take a ride on the Oak Leaf Trail. You’ll have a fun-filled day no matter what you choose! 

Why Bike West Allis? 

West Allis is a bike-friendly city with miles of lanes, trails, and paths for riders to enjoy. 

Our bike map allows you to see where the bike routes, lanes and trails are within and around West Allis, Wisconsin. The map identifies existing and future bicycle routes within the City of West Allis, including connections to neighboring municipalities. See where the Oak Leaf, Cross Town Connector and Hank Aaron Trails traverse through West Allis. New graphics and a new search tool allow you to search for all Wisconsin DNR public trails with links to check them out. Whether you’re planning a short afternoon ride or a family bike trip, our maps will help make the most of your ride. 

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